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Whether you need to appoint fresh talent or you are the talent ready for your next step, you need to get it right. Agentis Search is here for just that.

Agentis Search is a niche recruitment firm founded by Stephan Papantoniou, a long-serving and well-connected recruiter skilled in the art of head-hunting. Agentis Search was created to offer the benefits of head-hunting to a broader spectrum of appointments beyond that of the Boardroom. 

With a unique combination of know-how and networks nurtured over decades, Agentis Search can ensure the right connections are made for your senior, specialist and strategic talent demands.



We always endeavour to seek out the best talent - whether they may be actively looking or not. Our extensive professional network gives us the edge in approaching the right candidate or company.


Detailed conversations are had with both parties to ensure that 'best-fit' is found, and no surprises are had further down the line. Only when we're sure that we have the right person for the right position are they put forward.


We don't believe in making up the numbers, or playing the beauty-parade game, we aim to get it right first time - saving everyone time, money and a great deal of frustration.

What makes us tick...

We are continuously researching and mapping markets to spot fresh, commercially-driven talent to build on an already impressive network of skilled professionals and Executives.


A proactive approach...

We go beyond the ‘active’ candidate pool, unearthing high-performing ‘reactive’ or passive candidates so often benchmarked as future leadership talent. This is just the tip of the iceberg as we pride ourselves on our ability to convert a pool of prospects – passive or otherwise – into a shortlist of qualified candidates fully engaged in the hiring opportunity.

...for clients

We invest considerable time and effort into understanding our clients’ business, strategy and culture. Naturally this has a positive impact on the outcome of the search.  Furthermore, acting as corporate ambassadors it ensures we represent our clients’ organisation with the sensitivity and credibility it deserves, particularly critical in today’s risk-aware culture. 

... and candidates alike

We work hard to build trusting, long-term relationships. Our personable approach is refreshing in an industry where the candidate experience is so often over-looked or inferior to the clients’. Our dealings with both parties are consistently fair, honest and professional. As such we often find ourselves advising our contacts’ on both corporate hiring needs and their own personal career plans.

With track record of success

We have had the pleasure of working on a range of senior and specialist Product & Marketing appointments across Financial Services, including:

  • Head of Savings, UK – UK Challenger Bank
  • Head of UK Consumer Bank – International Consumer Finance Bank
  • Head of Customer Propositions – UK Challenger Bank
  • Head of Digital – Global Forex Provider/Retailer
  • Senior Manager, Cards & Loans – UK Digital Bank Start-up
  • Senior Marketing Manager, Business Banking – Top-tier Global PLC Bank
  • Strategy & Planning Manager – UK Mid-tier Bank
  • Interim Head of Portfolio Management, UK Savings – UK Challenger Bank
  • Interim Head of Product & Strategy, UK Cards – UK Challenger Bank
  • Interim Senior Manager, Financial Services – PLC Retailer (FS Div)
Agentis are a rare breed - a consultancy that actually cares and understands what the candidate is looking for and works hard to not only find the right role for the individual, but who communicates extremely well throughout the process.

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Agentis Search have built a position as trusted advisors when it comes to identifying and attracting talent for key positions in our organisation. They have an excellent understanding of our business, strategy and culture, enabling them to find candidates with the right blend of technical strength and cultural fit.